Five simple tips for getting started with Only One

Today’s crises can be overwhelming, but when we act together, small steps have big impact. Here are our top tips for getting started with actions that resonate with you.

1. Create a free account.

Keep track of your personal progress to help save the ocean and fix the climate. See which petitions you’ve signed and, if you’re a member, watch your forest and reef grow over time and celebrate your milestones in removing plastic and carbon pollution. Simply head to and follow the instructions.

2. Add your name to campaigns.

Join our community of millions and access the necessary tools to take action in the fight for our ocean and planet. Head to our Act page to add your name to petitions and sign-on letters for free, get involved in social media activations, and join our mailing list to receive updates on campaigns as we celebrate victories and acknowledge the hard work still left to do.

3. Become a monthly member.

Want to support the highest-quality projects spread across the globe, driving the impact needed for our planet and communities? One of our monthly plans could be just the thing for you! You’ll grow your own forests and reefs, remove plastic and carbon pollution, and see your impact come to life with precise tracking and updates from the field. We have a range of plans to choose from, from Starter (great if you want to test our subscription out with a smaller commitment) all the way to Legend. Learn about our four solutions and how we select our projects on our Projects page, or head straight to to choose the best plan for you.

4. Grow your ocean knowledge.

The ocean is full of secrets and superpowers. From four things you should know about requiem sharks, to all the reasons why you should love blue carbon, head to our Learn page to explore content on marine species and ecosystems and discover environmental changemakers. We promise you’ll go away equipped with amazing facts to share with others inspire you onward in your journey to help restore ocean health and tackle the climate crisis.

5. Create ripples of change.

The more people who get behind the ocean as a precious resource and solution, the more impact we can make together for our planet. Once you’ve explored, how about sharing the Only One platform with your family and friends? Every article and video on our Learn page has the option to share, as do all campaigns on our Act page. If you’re a monthly member, head to your profile to share your unique referral link — when your friend signs up to Only One, you both get 30 free mangrove trees. Or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share new stories and updates.